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2009-11-22 23:23:49 UTC

Welcome to Release, Revision 1762, up from 1697. This is a bug-fixing release and as such is mostly composed of minor changes.

Our next deploy will probably be at some random time in the near future (where the future is measured in days or possibly a week) and will contain groundwork code for Collections and Challenges \o/


  • Em-dash bug entirely fixed for "post new," and largely fixed in the importer.
  • Dreamwidth import has been fixed.
  • New works no longer default to "Chapter 1/?"
  • When editing works, metadata no longer randomly disappears.
  • Password resetting now works properly.

Known Issues

See Known Issues page

Next Projects

  • Ongoing work on Collections & Challenges (Yuletide pilot)
  • Ongoing work on optimising for IE7
  • Performance - fast page loading, fast searching etc.

Release Details


  • Fix for Dreamwidth importing
  • Fix for stories getting cut off at em dashes (may not work for all imported stories - encoding issues, sigh - but should work for everything pasted into the form)
  • Fix for chapter and tag information not being properly displayed on preview and/or not being discarded when you cancel your edits
  • Fix for story backdating and changing the publication date of a story
  • Fix for font size in center tags
  • Fix for inability to reassign invitations
  • Fix for general wonkiness of work form in Chrome and Safari
  • Fix for broken tag links involving slashes, periods and/or ampersands
  • Fix for stories being imported without dates
  • Fix for need to click button twice to post a comment
  • Fix for first login and password reset reminders not going away
  • Improved toggling of pretty much everything on the work form, including the notes tickyboxes
  • Better handling of invalid tag errors
  • Some IE7 fixes: better display of work headers and tag underlines
  • Fix for difficulties creating an account using OpenID
  • Fix for some email addresses being improperly registered in the queue

New Things

  • Added automatic responses when you submit a support request
  • Some love for admins: making it easier to track down lost invitations
  • Some love for tag wranglers: increased readability on various pages, better clearing out of zombie tags that aren't attached to anything
  • A link to the "reorder series" page has been added to "edit series."
  • Added ability to turn the first login page on and off in Preferences
  • Added some clarification about warnings and tags to first login


  • We now include filter items that only apply to one story
  • Changed the "Pairings is Invalid" error message to provide clearer information
  • Some Bookmarks refinements: the form now defaults to your default pseud, and the "bookmark external work" form has been prettied up some.
  • Clarified how to enter work headers while importing