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2012-07-15 09:27:22 UTC

The demand for AO3 accounts has recently exploded! Unfortunately, the rapid increase in users has also created some site performance issues (you can read more about these and what we're doing about them in our post on Performance and Growth).

We use an invitation system in order to help manage the expansion of the site, and to help guard against spam accounts. Until recently, demand for invitations was low enough that the system didn't result in people waiting for a long time. However, because so many people signed up at the same time, the queue is now really long, and the waiting times are months rather than days or weeks. We know this really sucks for the people waiting for accounts (especially those who are concerned that their work may be deleted from other sites).

We really really want to cut down on waiting times, but we also need to ensure the site remains stable. It's a bit difficult to tell exactly how much difference more registered users will make, because we know that many of the people waiting for an account are already using the site as logged-out users, so to some extent we're already dealing with their extra load, However, every time someone new creates an account, it is a little bit more load on the servers, both because account holders have access to more features (personalisation, subscriptions, history, etc) and because if they're posting works, they also tend to attract more new people to the site who want to access their fanworks! Logged-in users also have more personalised pages, which makes it harder for us to serve them pages from the cache (which puts less load on the site.) At the moment of writing, there are 56,203 registered users on the site and 28,863 requests in the queue: this means we're looking at adding more than half as many users again. That's a pretty massive potential increase, so much as we'd love to, we can't issue invitations to everyone who wants one right away.

What's the plan for issuing more invitations?

Once we got our big performance issues under control, we cautiously increased the number of new invitations being issued every day from 100 to 150. We didn't make an announcement about this right away in case we needed to decrease it again (although lots of people noticed their wait time had decreased!). However, we've been keeping on eye on the site and it seems to be coping happily with the increase.

We need to install some more RAM (see our post on performance) which should be happening very shortly. Once we've done that we'll increase the numbers being issued to the queue again - by another 50 per day initially, and possibly more after that if we don't see any warning signs that it's causing problems.

Even if we up the number of invitations to 300 per day, it's still going to mean that some people will have to wait up to three months. Unfortunately, because we're looking at so much demand, there's a limit to how far we can tackle this. :(

What about invitations for friends?

We used to allow users to request invitations to give out to their friends (just to clear up one source of confusion - user accounts never came with a 'friend invitation' by default, although we did give out some unsolicited ones on our first birthday). However, as the demand increased, we were getting more and more requests of this nature, and it became difficult to keep track of it in a fair way. We decided that in order to make sure we knew exactly how many invitations were being issued, and in order to make it as fair as possible, we'd restrict invitations to the queue only for now. This means that it's 'first come, first served', whether or not you know anyone on the AO3. We know people would really like to build their communities on the site, and we will reenable the option in the future, but only when we're sure the performance situation will allow it.

Can I pay to get an account quicker?

No, not at this time. The AO3 is funded by donations to our parent, the Organization for Transformative Works, but donating doesn't give you an account on the Archive.

When we started the AO3, we decided not to have paid accounts for a few reasons. First of all, we wanted to make it something that you could use whether or not you had any financial resources: we know many fans can't afford paid services or don't have a way of paying for them. Secondly, we wanted to add a layer of protection for fans' real life identities: if you pay for your fan name account with a real name credit card, there is an increased chance that the two identities could be linked (either by accident or via a legal demand for our records; we are committed to fighting for your privacy but can't guarantee that we'd win such a battle). Finally, adding paid features to the Archive itself would have increased the complexity of what our coders had to code, especially if we had some features available only to paid accounts. For all these reasons, we decided to fund the AO3 indirectly via donations to the OTW, which couldn't be linked to your account on the Archive, allowed us to provide the site to everyone whether or not they could pay, and made it easier for us to use existing payment systems which we didn't have to code ourselves.

It's possible that in the future we may consider some form of paid service, if we developed other ways of dealing with the above concerns. However, it's not something we're considering right now - if it does become a more real possibility in the future, we'll post and ask for discussions about it.

I'm worried my works on another site are at risk! What can I do?

We've recently had a lot of direct requests for invitations from users who are worried about their works being deleted from This creates a dilemma for us, because protecting at-risk fanworks is a fundamental part of what we do. However, right now the volume of those requests is so high that there's simply no fair way to prioritise them, which is why we're only issuing invitations via the queue. We're very sorry about this. If you're worried your work is at risk, we recommend you back it up to your own computer ( has a 'download as HTML' option, or you may wish to use a a tool such as Fanfiction Downloader or Flagfic), so that you can upload it to the AO3 or any other site at a later date. You may also wish to manually back up your reviews and comments - sadly these can't be transferred to the AO3 even if you have an account, but you may want to keep a record of this important part of your fan life for yourself.

We're pleased that so many people want to be here, but very sorry we can't accommodate everyone right away. Thank you for your patience and support.


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2010-11-15 22:47:23 UTC

Today, November 15th, is the first anniversary of the Open Beta launch of the Archive of Our Own! We're totally thrilled to reach this milestone!

Open Beta was the launch of our beautiful Archive into the fannish world at large, and came after two years of intense coding, testing, fundraising, writing of docs, development of policy, and other amazing work. Everyone working on the Archive was super-excited to be able to share the fruits of this work with the rest of fandom, after a year of testing with just a small group of volunteers in Closed Beta.

The results since we launched suggest that fandom loved our shiny work as much as we did! We have expanded faster than we ever dreamed.

When we entered Open Beta on 15 November 2009 we had:

  • 347 users

  • 668 fandoms

  • 6565 works

At the time of writing we have reached:

  • 10649 users

  • 7757 fandoms

  • 116888 works

We're looking forward to seeing our userbase grow and diversify even more - our International Outreach committee have been working hard on the mission of improving the experience for multinational fans. We already have 22 languages represented on the Archive, but we want to see more! (Let Support know if you want to post in a language not represented on that list!)

All this fannish activity filled up our servers quick-smart, so after only one year we're investing in new, much more powerful ones - an investment made possible by the generous support of fandom at large.

We've still got much, much more work to do - Open Beta is, well, beta, and it's been a year of immense change and growth for us. We've learnt a lot about what makes our users happy and we look forward to improving based on all the feedback we've had from fandom. But we're also VERY proud of how much we've achieved so far. Here are a few reflections from staffers on what reaching the first anniversary of Open Beta means to them - do add your thoughts in comments!

Zooey Glass, AD&T Chair

I'm totally amazed and proud of how much work and dedication has gone into this project. I was around last year for Open Beta, and I remember how crazily hard everyone involved was working (I think I still feel exhausted by it). Just this week, I've watched my team sit up all night to test and deploy new code - and then to bugfix when unexpected problems cropped up - and it makes me feel awed and proud. There's so much passion and so much hard work invested in this project.

For me personally, the year since Open Beta has also been about learning - about what kind of features users want, how to communicate with people inside the org and out, how to balance what we want and what we need, and HUGE amounts about servers and code and technical stuff I never dreamed I could understand (I was an English major!). My personal journey also reflects the journey the Archive has taken, and I know everything we have learnt this year will go to make the next year even better. I choke up when I see the feedback we get from users - fandom has supported us not only financially but also by taking the time to say thanks when they see things they enjoy. We're so glad we make you happy, and we really appreciate it when you tell us!

On a practical note, I also LOVE reading on the Archive - so much nommy fic to enjoy!

Helka Lantto, International Outreach member and Finnish translator

My involvement with AO3 has been mostly as a user – as a reader, to be exact. I began reading fic on the Archive after the Open Beta launch, and with time passing, I've come to prefer it to any other archive. True, the code is still in beta, but the Archive shows so much promise that I can't help but love it. In the future, my involvement with the Archive will grow when we get to translate the interface. It'll be a huge undertaking, especially for a small team like Finnish (hint! hint!), but it'll be worth it. It warmed my heart to see that we already have a few fics in Finnish there. Let's hope that with the translation of the interface, we'll get more of them.

Sidra, Systems Co-Chair and AD&T coder

The past two years have been a tremendous learning experience. Those of us in Systems had little to no experience with web applications that receive (during busy times) more than sixty thousand hits per hour, or databases that average two hundred requests per second. And those numbers will just keep climbing. Keeping the servers up and running has been a challenge but the rewards have been huge. Every time I look at the Archive I think, "I helped make this happen". And every time I see something I wish were different (which is, unfortunately, quite often), I know that I can work on making it better.

Enigel, AD&T coder, honorary tester, tag wrangler

I remember the flurry of activity before we launched Open Beta - coding, testing, bug-hunting, performance-testing - and the worries about the best number of invites to hand out per day. There were around 300 users back then, and I can now, when we're at over 10 000, confess that I had some doubts about the worrying itself. I was thinking to myself that it was kind of presumptuous to imagine the hordes of people knocking on our door before we were sure they were indeed going to be that eager, you know? ;)

It was amazing, over the next days, to see people asking for invites, people posting their works, people actually using this thing I had helped build. Every message with praise was a sign we did something good, every message with criticism was a sign that people cared enough to let us know what could be improved, and was a step towards making the Archive better.

10 000 users and 100K works later, I still have that awe and joy at seeing people use the Archive. If you notice something you think could be better, remember: your next support request might become my next coding project! :)

Kristen Murphy, Webmasters chair and tag wrangler

We made this. Once upon a time someone asked, "Can't we do this?" and fandom answered, "YES." That can-do, DIY spirit is one of my favorite things about the Archive. Every time I visit it, whether it's to browse for new works, post a story of my own, or wrangle tags, I think: this is here because a whole lot of fans cared enough to make it happen. The Archive truly is a labor of love. And it isn't only the staff and volunteers who have made it happen, although their efforts have been superheroic — this has been and continues to be a community-wide endeavor. Everyone who offered feedback on the early drafts of the TOS, everyone who's ever submitted a bug report or suggestion, everyone who's donated, everyone who's helped spread the word by posting a story to the Archive and inviting their friends to come and read it — all of these people have made the Archive possible and are helping to make it better, day by day. Thank you.

Rebecca Tushnet, Content Policy chair

I'm pretty sure there are monkeys that know more code than I do, but I'm so pleased to be able to participate in building the Archive by working on policy language that is, we hope, understandable, flexible, and inclusive. What the AO3 means to me is an archive that tries to do things that fans want done in a way that is sustainable in the long term. I have particularly enjoyed seeing tags used in new and exciting ways, combining folksonomy with structured organization. I really admire all the fans who've coded, wrangled, and kept the site up and running, and I look forward to the shiny new servers to make things even better.

Megan Westerby, Archive Support Chair and Development Officer

Stepping into the Support Committee recently I was struck by not only the Archive's fast growth but with how diverse that growth has been. When the Archive went into Open Beta there were 668 fandoms represented -- to have 7757 fandoms just one year later, on servers we own, on a system we built, on an Archive we've invested in -- it's boggling to think where we might be in a year, after video embeds, tagging structure and bookmarking start to make an impact. It's boggling and encouraging. We're building a home and a future and we built it from the foundation up.


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2010-09-14 01:06:44 UTC

This party had it all: a glittery cake to fuel our server anthropomorphic challenge, a scavenger hunt, reccing and self-reccing fests, teamwork to help each other upload back catalogs, and a special tag just for party fic. Here’s to another year of cheering each other on as we read, create, and transform.

Midnight to midnight is a long time to party but our wonderful guests have kept the energy high! Here are some details on our marvelous accomplishments:

We also compared time zones! And there were a LOT of them. During the last hour alone, the partygoers hailed from:

New Zealand — New York City, New York, USA — Buenos Aires, Argentina — Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA — Indiana, USA — Finland — Romania — Turkey — Quebec City, Quebec, Canada — Maryland, USA — Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA — Los Angeles, California, USA — New Hampshire, USA — upstate New York, USA — North Carolina, USA — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA — Niedersachsen, Germany — Dublin, Ireland — Seattle, Washington, USA — Missouri, USA — Ontario, Canada — England, United Kingdom

We even had a fandom roll call in our final hour! Check it out:

Classical music RPF — Can I call "crack" as a fandom? — Community — Disney RPF — Miami Vice — House — Doctor Who, ElfQuest, Anita Blake — Tokio Hotel — Sophie's World — Highlander, Doctor Who, British Actor RPFSGA — Beatles RPF — Fandom: YES. — baum's oz books! — Sherlock (BBC), The Dresden Files (books), Doctor Who (2005), Temeraire, Hut 33, Traveler, Supernatural, Merlin (BBC), White Collar, Chuck — this one's easy, I'm actually the ONLY ficcer in one of my fandoms! — David Eddings — Black Rock Shooter! — Power Rangers! — (monkees is the only fandom of mine where i have written poetry) — Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes, DCU, Slings & Arrows, Promethean Age (oh GOD) — robotech is the only fandom that i've painted in! — Lord of the Rings — Vorkosigan — Man from UNCLE — \o/ Vorkosigan! — Star Trek, X-Files, Hilda Tablet and Others, McCarthyism RPF — Covert Affairs — elisabeth, tanz der vampire, mozart! — Jane Austen, Firefly, 28 Days Later, Once and Again, Breakfast Club, Naruto, Hikaru no Go, X-Files, Harry Potter — claymore, black rock shooter, pretty cure, akira (manga), belgariad/malloreon, elenium/tamuli, eureka seven, kino's journey, gundam wing, aaaand dc comics — Hellboy II — oh also JAMES BOND — Sherlock Holmes. Book-verse. — Iron Man — Akira — Harry Potter, Star Trek, X-Men and X-Men: Evolution — Battlestar Galactica! — ooh, robin of sherwood was my very first fic-reading fandom — highlander films, historical fiction, stephen king's rose red, raymond e. feist’s riftwar saga (and everything else in those universes he wrote, jesus christ mr feist), spooks, spice world.

Gentle reminder: the OTW and AO3 are run through fan energy, commitment, and donations — and eventually we’ll need more servers to slash with the existing servers. Please consider becoming an OTW member and donating to the cause!


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2010-09-13 11:33:26 UTC

We're celebrating the birthday of our shiny shiny servers! One of the most important and most exciting things about the Archive is the fact it represents the amazing achievement of fandom pulling together to generate the investment and expertise needed to create a true home of our own. Since September 2009, fandom has owned the servers, and the OTW is committed to making those servers a safe space for the fannish community.

Owning the servers is awesome, but just as important is what we use those servers for! We aim to make the Archive a welcoming place for fans not just because fandom owns the servers, but because the Archive is built by fans, for fans and has lots of awesome features which make a better experience for readers and creators. During our birthday party, Archive staffers and users have been talking about our favourite features - check out our list below and comment to let us know you what you love the most!

Here are a few of our favourite things!

Zooey, AD&T Chair: I LOVE the History feature! It keeps track of everything you view on the Archive, and records the date you viewed it and whether it has changed since. I am incredibly lazy about bookmarking fic, so this is totally a killer feature for me - when I think 'what was that awesome fic I read?' I can look back and find it. We're planning more features for this in future - I can't WAIT till we add the filtering option so it's easy for me to find a specific work without browsing through the whole list.

Astolat, coder: OMG advanced search! It is a little bit tricksy and we are still working on the GUI for it, but there is nothing not awesome about just being able to do: "tag: merlin/arthur (explicit|mature) words: >1000" and suddenly you have JUST THE STORIES you want.

Sidra, coder: Download as epub! You can browse the archive inside stanza on your iPhone and when you find something *poof* it's offline and ready to read. And when you get to the end, there's a link which takes you right back to comment. Super cool!

Enigel, coder: Tags! (Also known as "wuzzles".) Tags and the way they tie into browsing: I'll be reading a John/Sherlock fic and then I can use the tags to hop to the Sherlock (TV) listing, and then follow the Crossover tag and maybe pick up a new fandom... It's a never-ending link-hopping dance. :D

Yueix, user: Favorite feature so far is being able to read whole works (multi-chapters) as one continuous story.

bingeling, designer: I love the Archive simply for being multi-fandom. Whenever I'm in the mood to read something that's not my main fandom I simply check what the Archive has to offer and most of the time I'll find something. Pre-Archive it was always quite a bit of work to actually find the fic. If it wasn't your fandom, you didn't know its infrastructure. Thanks to the Archive I now always know where to start looking. ♥

Helka, kääntäjä: Minusta on hauskaa, että niin moni pieni fandom on edustettuna Arkistossa. Yli 5500 fandomia! Joissakin fandomeissa on tuhansia tarinoita, joissakin vain yksi ainokainen, mutta jokainen tarina on arvokas. Voin mennä fandom-listaukseen ja selata vaikkapa kaikkia kirja-fandomeita, tai sitten voin etsiä jotain tiettyä fandomia etsintä-toiminnolla. Ja joka päivä Arkistoon tulee lisää tarinoita! \o/

lorax, user: Favorite archive feature by FAR is the challenge sign up features. I did remix through the auto sign up this year, and it's fantastic and keeps everything so easy to find. I'm really looking forward to seeing how yuletide uses the challenge sign up through the site this year, if they do.

Julia, Übersetzerin: Ich halte das Eigene Archiv jetzt schon für eine wunderschöne, nützliche Sache, aber was es für mich auszeichnet ist dieses Gefühl, dass nach oben hin alles offen ist. Dass durch die Vorschläge der Nutzer gepaart mit der Reaktionsfreudigkeit der Programmiererinnen zusammen Stück für Stück ein Archiv entsteht, das in der Summe seiner Teile dann doch verdammt revolutionär ist -- besonders, weil es im Moment erst einen Bruchteil seines Potentials zeigt.

mlle, user: My favorite feature is the little symbol box next to each work. It tells me at a glance whether or not a fic has anything in it I want to avoid. Priceless.

X-parrot, tag wrangler: As a hopelessly pedantic author, I love that whilst replying to a comment, I happen to notice I'm missing yet another "the" in my latest chapter's final paragraph, I can hit "edit" and instantly put that to rights!

Christie, user: I love the freedom to post anything and the great search :D

Anne-Li, Support staffer: I love that it is central, you don't have to look at a gazillion places to find (good) fic.

Derry, user: My favourite feature is the ebook download! I can stuff my PRS full of juicy, glorious fanfic with just one click!

Tai, tester: My favourite thing is the Reading history - I don't have to muck around bookmarking stuff I want to read and then wondering where I put it, just open the page and come back to it at leisure.

theliterator, user: Here's what I love the most, which is what I'm using right now. The importer.

zelempa, coder: I am still discovering new features so what I love in advance is this blog post.

Alison, tag wrangling committee: My favourite is ALL the features.

Share some of yours!

We currently have nearly 9000 users on the Archive, who between them have posted more than 100,000 works, in over 5500 different fandoms. We figure this means we are making lots of people happy! Let us know in the comments to this post what you enjoy about the Archive!


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2010-09-10 13:02:27 UTC

The Archive Of Our Own is in a celebratory mood! We have a lot to celebrate, including a full year of running on our own servers, and the 100,000th work posted to the AO3 (lunarknightz' Only Makes You Stronger was lucky number 100k!)

So we're going to mark the occasion with a Birthday Party, and everyone is invited! \o/

The festivities will be held Monday 13 September from midnight to midnight UTC.
(What is the starting time where I live? and What is the ending time where I live?)

We'll be holding the party in the OTW's public discussion chatroom. Just head for this URL and type in the name you'd like to represent you, and you'll be in:

Like any good first birthday party this one will involve gifts, decorations, and games.

Gifts: We'll be offering commemorative graphics, and attendees can also win secret awesome surprise presents! And! We'll be celebrating the launch of an eagerly anticipated new feature or three.
Decorations: The Archive logo will temporarily look a little...festive. \o/
Games: We'll hold an uploading challenge, a few mini-recs festivals, an AO3 anthropomorphic chatfic challenge, a few instant polls, and more!

Of course, the continuing growth and success of the AO3 as a permanent, stable, noncommercial, and nonprofit archive for transformative fanworks that is completely free to use for fans around the world needs your support! We'll need new servers, and more servers, and we'll also need more fans ready to help by learning to code, wrangle tags, answer support tickets, teach new volunteers, and...raise money and recruit new staff by writing posts like this one! Please consider making a donation or getting involved!


*We don't plan to kick anyone out at midnight! Far from it, we tend to keep on celebrating -- but when we hit the end of our birthday day, we pass from structured fun into debauchery and dissolution unstructured fun!

Also posted on the OTW blog at


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2009-11-19 02:01:37 UTC

Please note these are live updating google charts so they take a moment to load - on the other hand - up to date stats!

ETA Updated with static images stored on flickr.

invitations_-_archive_of_our_own 2009 11 28 09:00 UTC works_created 2009 11 28 09:00 UTC works_created_per_user 2009 11 28 09:00 UTC users_&_fandoms_created 2009 11 28 09:00 UTC new_works_and_users 2009 11 28 09:00 UTC


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2009-11-17 20:36:26 UTC

OMG we did it people! It's almost exactly 2.5 years (17th May 2007) since a certain someone said we should build an Archive of Our Own and I am so proud of us!

We didn’t have a meeting this week unless you count staying logged into the chatroom continuously from Friday afternoon to Monday morning (I lie, I left to sleep occasionally). We *did* have a number of passionate discussions which revolved around performance, squee, bugs, more squee, support, and you know, squee.

Fun things (some of them) I have done in the last 5 days.

  • Ticked a tickybox marked “Invite from queue enabled ” and clicked ‘Update’
  • Entered ‘50’ into a field marked “Number of people to invite:” and clicked ‘Invite from queue’ I did that a lot! My apologies to people kicking the queue during the times I was asleep in Australia, we decided it would be easier if one person managed invite issuing.
  • Posted a few times
  • Sleep - still building up to that :p

AO3 Launch Update: [info - personal] zooey_glass masterfully summarised the launch in her fabulous post Open Beta - How the party's going! and we’ve set up an AO3_Status on Twitter to let people know what’s going on in the (hopefully extremely rare) event of an outage.

AO3 Invitation update: We were issueing 30-50 per hour for a fair amount of the weekend. We're now switching to letting the automated job issue about 50 per day. We'll re-evaluate this on the coming weekend.

Stats as of Wed 18th 1:00 am UTC for the curious :)

  • Number of shareable invitation codes issued to account holders: 531
    Number of invitations issued to addresses from the queue: 1305
    Total invitations issued: 1757Total unused invitations out there: 520
    Number of accounts before Open Beta: 347
    Number of accounts at present: 1663
    Potential number of accounts: 2104
    Accounts created during Open Beta: 1316
    Percent invitation uptake: 79%
    Percent increase in accounts: 379%

  • Number of works before Open Beta: 6598
    Number of works at present: 13502
    Works created during Open Beta: 6904
    Percent increase in works: 205%

  • Number of fandoms represented before Open Beta: 674
    Number of fandoms represented at present: 1104
    New fandoms created: 430
    Percent increase in fandoms:164%

AO3 Help:[info - personal] zvi  has generously contributed a fabulous explanation of how the tagging wuzzle system works and in that vein I have bookmarked some other great posts I have seen. Comment and let me know if you see, or would like to contribute something. We're conscious we need to do more of this so if you have an urge to write 'help using the AO3' documentation we're keen on recruiting you. We'll do this regardless (the writing, not the recruiting although we like doing that too) but we love new people and welcome fresh views.

AO3 Support: We're doing our best to respond to everyone and we're delighted people are talking to us - we're also getting a lot of requests so please, be patient with us if we don't respond immediately.

Deploy Schedule:We have a mini-release called Release  (heh,  'mini', it has 29 items so far) of fixes to some of the most commonly reported problems. We'd like to deploy it this weekend but we're making changes to the Post Work form so if it doesn't test clean we'll delay until it does.

If there are things you want to do/say - feel free to share either in comments, or by volunteering, or whatever medium you're comfortable with. You are invited to this party :)

Previous posts on Dreamwidth (by[info - personal] samvara the 2009 committee chair) and the Organization for Transformative Works website (by the Accessibility, Design & Technology committee)


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2009-11-15 11:05:26 UTC

Open Beta - how it's going!

We're now in the second day of Open Beta for the Archive of Our Own! It's been a crazy weekend! Here are a few updates on how it's all going.

First of all, some of you will have noticed that we did experience some site downtime between roughly 6:00 UTC and 7:45 UTC. Sorry about this! The good news is that this was not caused by excessive volume on our servers, but by a bug which caused a server process to hang. Happily this was very easy to fix - the outage only went on so long because it happened to strike at a moment when all our Systems people were unavailable. (Our Systems team are beyond awesome, but they are few in number and sometimes they have to eat and sleep!) We're working on a more permanent fix for this bug.

Our site downtime was a timely reminder that we need a better way to communicate quickly with users when the site goes down. From now on we'll be posting to AO3_Status on Twitter with any status updates. You can subscribe to us on Twitter, follow the RSS feed, or just check the Twitter page directly to stay informed about site status.

That short hiccup aside, things have been going GREAT so far. The sharp-eyed among you will have noticed that invitations have been issued a bit faster than the queue estimate suggests. This is because the queue estimates the time your invitation will go out based on the number set to be issued automatically. We've been issuing batches manually to give the process a headstart, and we've actually issued them slightly faster than we planned. This is because even at peak usage times, the servers have been coping really well with the extra load. (As mentioned above, the problems they did experience were caused by a bug, not the usage volume.) We're really happy that we've been able to bring in lots of new users right away!

Depending on how things go in the next 12 hours, we will probably issue one or two more batches of invitations to addresses in the queue manually. After that, batches of invitations will be issued automatically on a daily basis, although we'll be monitoring the site carefully to be sure that everything is as it should be.

A few statistics for your interest:

Number of shareable invitation codes issued to existing account holders: 451
Number of invitations issued to addresses from the queue: 958
Total invitations issued: 1410
Total unused invitations out there: 663

Number of accounts before Open Beta: 347
Number of accounts at present: 1076
Potential number of accounts: 1707
Accounts created during Open Beta: 747
Percent invitation uptake: 62%
Percent increase in accounts: 315%

Number of works before Open Beta: 6598
Number of works at present: 9506
Works created during Open Beta: 2908
Percent increase in works: 144%

Number of fandoms represented before Open Beta: 674
Number of fandoms represented at present: 886
New fandoms created: 212
Percent increase in fandoms: 131%


You can see from the above that the site has already expanded massively! We're over the moon that it is holding up so well, and we're very excited about seeing the variety of fandom represented. Remember, we welcome fans from all corners of fandom. If you don't see your fandom represented in the Archive at the moment, then it just means you might get to be the person to add it! You don't have to wait for us to add a tag for your fandom, just enter it manually and we'll take care of it!

Since the site is still in Beta, there are still bugs floating around and many more improvements planned. We're happy to be receiving lots of feedback through our Support and Feedback form. Our amazing Support team is doing a sterling job responding to the support requests and general feedback that's come through already. So far, we've received 200 support requests and have responded to approximately 150 of them. We've also helped with a few problems in our Support Chatroom. Please feel free to drop in there and chat with us!

You can find more information about the Archive of Our Own and Open Beta under our posts Announcing Open Beta, Open Beta is here! and Archive Open Beta News and FAQs.

This Open Beta launch is the culmination of more than two years of work by a whole host of people: the coders and systems people who built the Archive itself, the host of people managing design and documentation, the dedicated testers who worked out the bugs, those who raised funding and organised volunteers, those who wrote policies and worked out the legal issues, translators, tag wranglers, support people and many many more. It's also the fruit of the amazing support of fandom. We're pleased and proud that it is going so well - thank you to everyone!


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