Comment on Animators Inc. is Moving to the AO3

  1. We're glad to be able to preserve another archive too!

    Thank you for your suggestion, we'll talk to the mods about sending the email to the creators in Italian.

    Open Doors

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    1. blooming evening primrose

      Thank you for your reply!

      I actually thought that my question was redundant, but now I'm happy I still brought it up.:D

      If there is a to-do list for Open Doors imports, I think it would make sense to include a note that when an achive that's going to be imported in a language other than English the notifications to the work creators should include the native language of the imported achive whenever possible.

      After all, Animators Inc. isn't the first non-English archive that's imported and it - hopefully- won't be the lat one 😉

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