Comment on Animators Inc. is Moving to the AO3

  1. a dark-skinned Octoling wearing their vivid red hair-tentacles with magenta tips in a ponytail. they're wearing a devil horns plastic headband and glitter on their cheeks. they are looking at the camera, with a smile that shows their teeth.

    i always love it when i randomly check the AO3 home page and y'all are still importing some extremely specific category of fanfiction archive into the website. like i have no idea what this is about but you guys are so cool for doing this all the time

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    1. me and the text "so what"

      literally same, it gives me so much serotonin. theyre truly doing the lord's work

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    2. There are all sorts of fanfiction archives out there and our imports only reflect that, so we're glad this variety is visible!

      Open Doors

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    3. The human and robot forms of Astroblaze's face

      thirded -- the OTW's passion for fanworks is so wholesome and inspiring

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