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Digimon: Daisuke's Male Harem

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Computer Lab, Obdiba Middle School
4:30PM, Afternoon
Daisuke & Veemon, Takeru & Patamon, Iori & Upamon, Taichi, Yamato, Ken & Wormon. Along with Hikari & Tailmon, and Miyoko & Hawkmon leave the Digital World through a Computer in the school computer lab. 

"Well I'm going home now." stated Miyoko, dragging Hikari with her. 

Taichi and Yamato blocked the exit after the girls ran off with their Digimon. Preventing Daisuke from escaping. "Yo, Daisuke." shouted Taichi as the boys formed a circle. "Wha-what's going on" asked Daisuke. Taichi made a subtle motion to Yamato who replied with a smile. "Daisuke we all have a question for you.-" started Taichi as all the boys directed their eyes to Daisuke. 
"-If you could be fucked by any one of us. Who would it be." asked Taichi. "What" shouted Daisuke, who then covered his mouth to prevent the left over teachers from checking on them. 

Ken spoke up "I want you Daisuke. You saved me from being the Kaiser, I want to moan your name, worship you, and your cock." petitioned a blushing Ken, turned on and shaking. 

Takeru started taking off his shirt and hat "Hikari turned me down. She and Miyako have been secretly experimenting with Miyako's sisters sex toys and decided to become Lesbians for each other. I'm so frustrated, Daisuke. Daisuke I want to be yours. Please allow me to Join Ken in worshiping you and your cock." moaned Takeru, licking his middle finger and playing with his nipples. Daisuke is taking it all in and getting hard. "Wow." stated Daisuke.

Iori started removing his shirt , shoes, and socks. "I-I-" started Iori as Daisuke turned his eyes to Iori. "I want to be a very naughty boy. I want to strip naked and wear a collar and leash with Property of Daisuke engraved on my neck. Daisuke please train me to be a very naughty boy for you. Allow me to join Takeru and Ken in worship of you." a blushing Iori admited fidgeting with excitment. 

"Daisuke me and Taichi are in a relationship but I don't mind sharing with you." stated Yamato surprising Taichi with a lip locked kiss. "Daisuke I practically raised you in sports to be the best. Now I want you to do fuck me Daisuke. Although you should know that Yamato wants a Daisuke sandwich with you fucking me and him fucking you. Just be warned if you choose us." moaned and later explained Taichi.

"Whoa all my male friends are proposing to me. What do I do, I don't want to choose just one." thought Daisuke before realizing. "Wait, I don't have to choose just one do I. I wonder if they would mind a harem." thought Daisuke, before grabbing a chair. 

"I made up my mind." stated Daisuke as all the boys with varying degrees of in their eyes looked toward Daisuke. "I can't make up my mind on one so I propose an alternative." stated Daisuke before catching his breath. "I want a Harem with all of you." stated Daisuke. Everyone gave an "ehh" 

"Wait-What" quietly shouted Yamato. Daisuke sat down on the chair and all the boys sat on the floor.  "The truth is I am a very kinky boy. After hearing what Takeru said happened to him with his confession getting denied I have to admit I am curious on what would happen if I offered to take you all on as my lovers in a Harem. Right now kink wise I want to collar: I want to collar all of you with Property of Daisuke Motomiya collars and leashes. However in the case of Yamato, since you are a rising artist and that would draw attention you would only have to wear it when you, me, and Taichi are fucking." started explaining Daisuke before turning his attention to Takeru, Ken and Iori. 

"Takeru, Ken, and Iori." stated Daisuke. "As part of the Harem I accept your proposals.-" started Daisuke. Iori looked like he was ready to strip and let Daisuke ravish every pure and innocent part of his body with lust and sin. Takeru was drooling at the thought of having Daisuke fuck him and make him his boyfriend. Ken on the other hand was itching to get fucked and started touching himself through his pants in front of everybody. "-As the three of you will be spending the most time with me. As you are part of our team of chosen. You three will be spending the most time with me...either fucked, fucking or helping me with my homework." stated Daisuke. 

"If you all agree to be my Harem Boys. I require you to kowtow and bow in recognization of your Harem Master." asked Daisuke. Daisuke wanted to see how far his potential lovers would be willing to go to be his exclusives. Takeru, Ken and Iori gave each other nods. Taichi got in position. Yamato did not want to be left out but did not like the order but did it anyway.
"We are Grateful for your offer and happily accept Master Daisuke." stated all three boys in unison. "We accept your offer and look forward to our time together Master Daisuke." stated Yamato and Taichi.  Daisuke smirked.
"I accept your vow of subservience to me your master, you may rise." stated Daisuke, smirking.  Daisuke wanted to do one quick thing before they left for home.
"Alright boys before we head out I have two things I want from you." stated Daisuke as they all turned to Daisuke. "All of you line up for a kiss." ordered Daisuke, as Takeru got on one end and Yamato on the other. Daisuke started with Takeru.

"Takeru" moaned Daisuke as he gave Takeru his first kiss. The two former rivals made out in front of all the remaining harem boys. Takeru came a little from that kiss, as Daisuke pulled away. 

"Iori" moaned Daisuke as he took Iori's first kiss and made it an adult one too. "mmah" moaned Iori, muffled by Daisuke's lips. Daisuke pulled away before Iori wet himself. "I don't want you ruining your pants by peeing yourself without a change of clothes can you imagine the humiliation." explained Daisuke. Iori nodded.

"Ken." moaned Daisuke as he took Ken's first kiss and Ken came a little before Daisuke pulled away a string of spit on Ken's tongue. 

"Taichi, I can't wait to get my dick in you. However I will settle for a kiss for tonight" moaned Daisuke as he locked lips with his senpai. Daisuke never thought he would be kissing Taichi and he worked his hardest before pulling away. "Daisuke you are a good kisser." moaned Taichi. 

"Yamato." moaned Daisuke. Daisuke kissed Yamato like he did Taichi and attempted to dominate before pulling away. "You are better than me at kissing." admitted Yamato.  Daisuke got closer to Yamato's ear "I can't wait to experiment with you and Taichi...however I want to get Takeru, Ken and Iori more settled into my kinks before then." whispered Daisuke.

"Now for the second thing I want." stated Daisuke.  Daisuke walked back over to Takeru. "Takeru. You are to host me, Iori and Ken tonight at your home. Convince your mom to let us stay over." ordered Daisuke. "You want to spend time with my my bed." moaned Takeru at the thought of Daisuke sleeping with him. "You and Iori live in the same apartment building. So I can take my time tonight with all three of you." explained Daisuke. Takeru nodded and got out his flip phone.

In the Car, with Takeru's Mom

"Hello" asked the voice on the other end. "Hi Mom." stated Takeru. "Takeru, what's going on why are you calling" asked a frantic mother on the phone. "I'm fine. Hey Daisuke, Iori, and Ken want to come over and spend the night. Can I please?" asked and begged Takeru, making a convincing begging sound. "Sure. However I won't be home for dinner. I'm headed to an interview for a story. I won't be home until late." stated Takeru's Mom. "Thanks mom, I love you." stated Takeru, giddy with excitement. "Okay see you later tonight." stated Takeru's mom before she cut off the call.

Back to the school

"She said yes. Better yet, she will be out until late into the night doing interviews for a story." stated Takeru. Takeru smirked. "I cannot wait until you claim me Daisuke." moaned Takeru. Daisuke ran his left hand through Takeru's hair. "Okay then...Ken call your mom and let her know you a staying at a friend's house." stated Daisuke.
"Everyone get dressed. Takeru, Iori, and Ken you are coming to Takeru's with me. Yamato and Taichi see you guys later." ordered Daisuke. 

Daisuke, Iori, Ken, and Takeru finally arrived at Takeru's home. Upon opening the door, Takeru turned on the light and welcomed everybody in before closing, locking and chaining the door. "You know you are going to have to take the chain off later right." stated Daisuke. Takeru nodded. "I don't want to be disturbed. You are going to breed us right." stated and insisted Takeru. 
Daisuke nodded. "Everyone to Takeru's room." stated Daisuke. Takeru, Iori and Ken went ahead while Daisuke grabbed everyone's backpacks and shoes placed them by the door to the room. Daisuke went in and locked Takeru's door behind him. 

Daisuke went in to find all three boys on their knees waiting for orders. "You are going to breed us right." begged Takeru. Daisuke started taking off his socks, shorts, underwear, shirts, and goggles while all three boys watched, Iori started drooling.  "Ah, that's better." stated Daisuke, sweat glicening off his skin. "Takeru, Iori, Ken. Strip." ordered Daisuke, taking a seat on Takeru's clean bed.  

Iori went first and made a show of it. Iori went socks first throwing them into Takeru's hamper. Iori dropped his pants, underwear, and shirt. Iori standing naked then gave his clothes to Daisuke. "I don't need these anymore...or at least until you say I do." stated Iori. 
Iori gave his clothes to Daisuke "I accept." stated Daisuke.

"Takeru you are next." ordered Daisuke. Daisuke put Iori's clothes in the pile of his and mixed them together before sitting to Takeru's bed with Iori. Takeru made a show of his stripping. Takeru removed his socks, underwear, shorts and shirt in one go before tossing all of it except the underwear in his hamper. Takeru gave his underwear to Daisuke. "Here Daisuke, my dirty, sweaty, underwear. You can have it." stated Takeru before sitting on the opposite side of Daisuke. "You sure want this don't you Takeru." asked Daisuke. Takeru whispered "Yes. I want you to breed me until you are all I can think about." Daisuke smirked. "I will think about it." stated Daisuke to Takeru.

"Ken your turn." ordered Daisuke. Ken dropped his pants, shirts, and socks quickly revealing that Ken wasn't wearing underwear under his pants. "I wanted to be ready so I stopped wearing underwear." stated Ken. Ken put his clothes with Daisuke's and took a seat next to Iori. 

Daisuke scooted back and shifted into laying on top of Takeru's bed rolling around in it to make it smell like him. "Sorry Takeru, but your room and your bed are going to stink of cum and sweat. Mostly mine." stated Daisuke before stopping.  

"Iori. 69 with me. Takeru, do you have any secret toys in your closet." ordered Daisuke. Iori crawled on top of Daisuke and took in the sight of Daisuke's tanned cock.  Takeru opened his closet door and revealed a Kink Closet. Daisuke saw three dildos, lube, and Cock Lust Conditioning cds. 
Iori started sucking Daisuke's cock with a straight shot down to the balls before coming back up half-way and starting again. Daisuke moved Iori's to his mouth and started licking. "Daisuke." moaned Iori. Daisuke was getting ready to burst when he jerked his body up and pulled off Iori. "Iori stop. Change position, hands-and-knees facing the pillows." ordered Daisuke.
Iori got off of Daisuke and changed position facing away from Daisuke and shaking his ass.

"Heh Heh. I'm going to pop your cherry." smirked Daisuke pushing into Iori's virgin boy pussy. "Ah, Ah, Ah." moaned Iori as he endured the pain before Daisuke became settled inside him. "How does it feel to have me take your virginity Iori. To know that everything you were, everything you are, and everything you will be is now mine. I'm going to take my time teaching you every single one of my kinks, eroding way at your mind until you become truly mine and a cock slut as well. If that sounds like what you want push your hips back on my cock." Daisuke whispered like a mantra into Iori. Iori responded by bucking his hips onto Daisuke's cock taking it deeper. 

"Daisuke's cock. Daisuke. I'm Daisuke's Cock Slut." moaned Iori.  Iori bucked faster, and faster "Right there , my spot, feels good" moans Iori. "Heh, I didn't have to do anything. I can't wait to see what kind of monster I will create out of Iori." thought Daisuke with a smirk. "I'm going to cum Iori, where do you want it." asks Daisuke. "Cum inside me and then all over me." moaned Iori. Daisuke started moving himself with Iori's pace before "Here it comes" moaned Daisuke as he started letting it out and pulled out just enough to spray Iori's back with cum. Daisuke jerked one off over Iori's face and hair making sure to get his cum all over Iori.  "Iori wait until it dries before wiping it off." orders Daisuke as Iori passes out.  Daisuke gives Iori a light peck "Good Boy Iori." 

"Takeru you are next." orders Daisuke. Takeru smiled happily as Ken got up and sat in Takeru's desk chair. "Not yet Takeru. Explain that." pointed Daisuke to Takeru's Kink Closet. "A-After I told Yamato about Hikari tell me she went Lesbian and shut me down.  Yamato created the CD's in order to shift my lust from Hikari's Pussy to Your Cock. I used the dildo's and lube to train my asshole to be able to handle your cock." revealed Takeru, blushing and shifting.  

"Wow, he went that far to forget his love for Hikari and shift it to love for me. I wonder how far I can push Takeru." thought Daisuke. "So Takeru has anyone else used your toys other than you." asked Daisuke. Takeru nodded. "Yep. Iori. He walked in on me using my conditioning files and hypnotic spirals to condition myself to be Horny, Gay and Obedient. For Master Daisuke." responded Takeru. "Wow he conditioned Iori to convert to me as well. Heh. I can't wait to claim Takeru now." thought Daisuke. "So what did you do...tell me." ordered Daisuke.

Takeru got close. "I tied Iori to my chair stripped him down and gradually put bigger and bigger dildo's in him over the course of 24 hours. I first popped in the "Cock Lust Conditioning: Mantra and Brainwasher" for the first six hours, then "Cock Lust Conditioning: Lust is Love, Cock is Life mantra" for the next six hours. Finally "Cock Lust Conditioning: Daisuke is your World. Live for Daisuke Mantra and Brainwasher" for twelve hours." Takeru admitted to blushing and looking very eager. "When's the last time you had something in you" asked Daisuke. "Last Night." admitted Takeru.

"Well now I should reward you for being so truthful with your mouth." stated Daisuke. Daisuke sat up on the bed "Takeru, get between my legs and suck my cock. Clean it with your mouth. I'm going to breed you tonight." ordered Daisuke. Daisuke opened his legs and Takeru started licking from the ball sack. "Oh you know about that huh." stated Daisuke. Takeru let his tongue travel from the nut sack to the tip before sucking down to the base. "Oh yeah, Takeru" moaned Daisuke. Takeru smirked. Takeru moved up about half way and began a pace. "Oh, Oh, Okay Takeru stop." ordered Daisuke. Takeru removed Daisuke's cock. "Daisuke what's wrong did I do something bad?" asked Takeru. Daisuke smirked. "Nothing wrong I just want to finish in your butt instead of your mouth." stated Daisuke. 

Takeru smiled and got on his bed facing the opposite direction of Iori. "Daisuke I'm ready" moaned Takeru. Takeru was shaking his ass to get Daisuke's attention. "Takeru, spread em" ordered Daisuke as Takeru spread his cheeks and Daisuke pushed in. "Ah, Daisuke's cock. How I waited for so long." moaned and cried Takeru. Daisuke settled and whispered "Damn your ass is so wet. I don't even need to wait but I will. I have plans for you Takeru. I want everyone to know you are mine and mine alone. Especially the Girls. You are one of my Harem Boys Takeru. When I cum inside you everything you were, everything you are, and everything you will be, are mine. You Are Mine. Takeru if you want this start moving." whispered Daisuke to an eager slut like Takeru as he immediately started bucking his hips down to the base. "Daisuke's cock. I want to be Daisuke's Boy. I want Daisuke to Own Me. I want the world to Know I'm Daisuke's Boy." moaned Takeru not caring who heard him moan.  "Good. Are you ready" asked Daisuke, smirking at Takeru's show.

"Yes. Please Breed My Ass. Cum inside Me." moaned Takeru as Daisuke let out a large load. "Daisuke's cum is filling me up. I am Daisuke's Boy." moaned Takeru, as he collapses on his bed. Daisuke pulled out and sprayed the remaining on Takeru's back. Daisuke gave Takeru a forehead kiss. "Good Boy Takeru, now sleep." 

"Ken your last." stated Daisuke.  Ken got down from Takeru's desk chair and let Daisuke sit there instead. "Ken ride me." ordered Daisuke. Daisuke supported Ken as he impaled himself on Daisuke. "Daisuke's cock. Ahh. You are so big. I love you." moaned Ken, getting a pace set up.  "Ken grab on I'm moving you." warned Daisuke, picking up Ken and moving him to the dirty landry of Daisuke, Ken and Iori. "I'm going to make you stink like me." stated Daisuke, as he picked up the pace and grabbed his own underwear and stuffed them in Ken's mouth. "Breath thru your nose and you should be okay." ordered Daisuke, as he let his final load out inside Ken.

Daisuke pulled the underwear out of Ken's mouth. "Sorry I didn't want to wake Takeru and Iori." as Daisuke and Ken look over to find the two Daisuke Obsessed Sluts sleeping in Daisuke's cum. 
"Should we wake them" asked Ken. Daisuke checked the clock, 07:00PM. "Fuck. I guess we better." stated Daisuke, realizing if Takeru's mom finds her son plastered in cum she might lose her shit.