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Four-Step Plan

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Mantarou sulked. He had been dumped again. He sat in a chair in the living room and flipped through the channels on the television, but didn't really pay attention.

Leormon heard the moans from Miyako's room and strutted away. He had discovered within a week of living with the Inoues that Miyako and Hawkmon liked to have sex. A lot. They usually waited until Mantarou had left before starting. Chizuru and Momoe weren't a worry since they had moved out some time ago.

He trotted to Mantarou and studied the human's face. He automatically knew the problem and jumped into his partner's lap.

"I didn't like her," he said, using his claws to make himself comfortable.

"You don't like any of my girlfriends," Mantarou said before gasping as one of the paws brushed his dick.

Leormon's right hind foot pressed into his crotch and rubbed back and forth, stimulating him.

"Please move your foot," Mantarou asked.

He tried to think of things that would prevent him from becoming hard. The digimon's claws digging into his thigh made that more difficult. Leormon looked at Mantarou and smirked, then ground his foot harder. The human realized that Leormon knew exactly what he was doing. He scooped up the digimon from his lap and held him out at arms length.


Leormon snarled, he hated when the human did this.

"You know you like it," he smiled.

He gestured to Mantarou's hard-on, and then his own.

"I like it too."

Mantarou's eyes threatened to pop out of his skull. He dropped the creature, which landed on all fours.

"Your dumbness never ceases to amaze me. You never realized I have a cock, did you?"

"I don't know, I never really thought about it. Does that mean Hawkmon..."

The gears in his head turned. If Hawkmon was physically male and he was alone with Miyako in her room and the door was closed... Before he could act on such thoughts, Leormon jumped back into his lap and pressed his front paws on Mantarou's cock. The digimon growled and bared his teeth. Mantarou was very afraid for his future as a father, so he nodded.

When Leormon was sure that his new toy would behave, he moved his paws to the pants' waistband and started clawing at it. His partner quickly protected his stomach, and undid belt and pants. The digimon smiled to himself as he manipulated the prick out through the fly of the Astro Boy boxers. A frankly impressive maneuver for a critter without thumbs. He pawed the organ to keep it hard, claws retracted. The skin was a shade darker than his own fur. He struggled to pull back the foreskin before bringing his mouth closer. The normal smells of his partner were stronger and magnified. There was a hint of soap (yuck), but that was drowned out by sweat and piss. The most pleasant smell was the weakest: cum. It teased his nostrils, hinting at what he would soon be tasting.

Leormon breathed on the meat before licking the head. He licked it again and again to torture his partner. Each lick was agonizingly long. The digimon's tongue was just a long as Mantarou's shaft and he utilized every square inch to stroke the sensitive head. As Mantarou's breathing became labored, the lion changed tactics to lick only the shaft and not the head. When it was thoroughly covered in saliva, Leormon took the organ into his mouth. He heard Mantarou groan as he sucked his newest lollipop. At a full six inches, it was a nice size, though he realized it would be difficult to deep throat without his teeth getting in the way. Mantarou groaned and shut his eyes, enjoying every sensation. His hands stroked the digimon's head.

When Leormon suddenly pulled away, Mantarou looked down to see why he had stopped, but then he heard Miyako and Hawkmon coming out from the bedroom. He quickly fumbled to redo his pants, but his hands shook too much to do anything. He just pulled down his shirt and hoped for the best.

"Onii-san, what are you doing here?" Miyako asked with a sweatdrop.

Mantarou looked at her, leaning over to cover up and trying to turn around as little as possible.

"Uh, we broke up," he admitted. He noticed Leormon was missing.

"I'm sorry," Hawkmon said.

He looked around.

"Mantarou-san, where did Leor-"

That's when Leormon attacked, pouncing on top of him.

"Oh no, not again," Hawkmon said, crushed underneath the lion.

He felt the other's hard on and wondered what was happening. Leormon rolled off and the bird was free to go back toward Miyako, but she was busy arguing with her brother.

"Nii-san! Can't you get your digimon to stop pouncing on Hawkmon? Or are you completely useless?"

"I've talked to Leormon-"

"Hey!" the digimon in question interjected. "Don't talk to my sidekick like that! Only I can!"

He trotted indignantly back to his partner, his head held high, and jumped on the couch before climbing Mantarou's back.

"Mine," he stated as he dragged his claws across his partner's back.

That confirmed Hawkmon's suspicions.

"Miyako-san, will you please come with me in your room? I need to talk to you."

He walked to her room and waited for her to follow before shutting the door.

"Come, pet," Leormon commanded as he strutted into Mantarou's bedroom.

The human had no choice but to follow, holding up his undone pants. Once in the room, Leormon wasted no time in pulling them and the boxers beneath down.

"You do know I'm only doing this because you have sharp teeth and claws, right?" Mantarou said, pulling off his shirt in preparation. He was now only wearing his socks.

That was a bit of a lie. Okay, a big one. He was incredibly turned on and his penis was leaking precum. He just wasn't sure if he wanted to let Leormon know the truth, at least for now.

"I like it better that way. Now get on the bed and stop being a tease."

Leormon waited in the bed for his latest plaything. His tail flicked slowly as his eyes studied his prey. Mantarou nodded and laid down on the bed. The digimon put his front paws on the human's chest and began kissing and licking it, moving toward his neck. He dragged his paw across the chest, his extended claws leaving superficial scratches, and worked his way down, love bites marking the trail. Leormon licked the wounds he created, lapping up any blood. He purred gently as he rubbed his cock against his lover's.

Mantarou ran his hands through Leormon's golden fur. He couldn't help himself; he was getting more excited by the second. He rolled his hips against the digimon and wrapped his arms around him. The silky fur heightened every sensation. Mantarou couldn't think of anything besides the creature on top of him that was giving him such pleasure.

Leormon decided that he had gotten enough foreplay and was ready for the main course. He knew his mate and how to get what he wanted. This was a multi-step procedure that would take time to complete. The first step was to relax him. Leormon traveled down Mantarou's body so his face was close to the large cock. He again licked it before sucking it into his mouth. The digimon's lips formed a tight seal around the prick. His head bobbed up and down while his tongue ravished the head. Mantarou's hip bucked up with every lick. The digimon clawed at the human's thighs to mark his toy , but was careful not to let his teeth make contact.

It didn't take long for Leormon to notice the effect of his treatment on the human. He slowed down and let the cock fall out of his mouth. A loud groan exited his pet's mouth, signaling his disappointment. The lion licked the thighs, drawing in, closer and closer to Mantarou's prick. He went down to lick the ballsack. Slowly, but surely, he covered the entire crotch in saliva. For curiosity's sake, he kept traveling down, towards Mantarou's anus. When the tongue came within an inch, the human began to squirm. He made a mental note of this for later and went back to licking his partner's balls, then cock.

Mantarou shivered when the digimon sucked on his dick again. Leormon could tell how close the man was. He bobbed his head up and down again, knowing this time would be the last for the night. The digimon went slowly at first, teasing, waiting. He alternated going up quickly and down slowly, forcing Mantarou to ride that edge where he was about to cum. Leormon could have kept this up all night, and he planned to, if Mantarou didn't start begging soon.

"Leormon," Mantarou whined. That was all the digimon needed, and all he knew he would get. He went faster and faster, digging his claws into Mantarou's hips for leverage. He took as much of his lover into his mouth as he could. It didn't take long at this frenzied pace. Leormon tasted the cum as it shot into his mouth. He was surprised it was only a mouthful; he had expected more. What surprised him more was how Mantarou's dick shrunk almost immediately after his load was shot. Leormon removed it from his mouth and looked at it, nudging it with his nose. The penis was soft and small and wasn't fun to play with anymore.

Mantarou sat up and watched the reaction. He petted his digimon as he caught his breath. When the digimon realized he was being watched, he reached up to lick his lover's smooth cheek. His paws slowly slid down on the sweaty skin.

"Why are you all sweaty?"

"That takes a lot out of me," Mantarou yawned.

It had been a good orgasm and those always made him sleepy. He struggled to keep conscious, at least for now.

"But you didn't do anything! You just lay there while I did all the work."

Mantarou nodded absently and lay back on the bed, He clumsily removed his glasses and put them on the dresser next to him. He had decided to give up fighting and just let himself take a quick nap. Leormon didn't like this idea. He growled loudly and dug his claws into the other's chest. That jolted the human awake.

"I'm not done with you," Leormon declared, shoving his 3.5 inch penis into Mantarou's face.

The human stared at the smooth dick. It was the same color as Leormon's fur, but free of any. The round head was pinkish in color. The ballsack was small and pulled in tightly. He tried to look away, but that was impossible because Leormon was plastered to his head. He didn't like the idea of going down on his partner, but didn't think he had much of a choice by now. He did feel a little guilty at refusing since he had an orgasm himself. If he did this however... Mantarou knew they were going down a slippery slope.

"Stop stalling," Leormon growled.

He shoved his hips forward against the tightly closed lips and dragged his claws across the human's cheek. Mantarou cried in pain and touched his cheek. Leormon again thrust his hips into the now open mouth.

"Get going."

Mantarou tentatively stuck out his tongue to lick the cock. Leormon purred softly, signaling that he was doing the right thing. Mantarou licked more before taking the hard organ completely into his mouth. He slowly began to suck on the penis. There was a weird taste, which he assumed was precum. It didn't take long for his head to bob up and down and for him to realize that he was... enjoying this. His own dick was responding and becoming hard again. He could barely believe his own reaction. He never thought he would enjoy sucking a hard dick. He kept sucking, unsure what else to do. He tried not to think, going only on instinct. Leormon gripped Mantarou's head and humped. This was step 2 of his plan: lubricate the cock. The human, unaware of any plan, just enjoyed the member in his mouth.

"I'm going to cum, and you better swallow it," Leormon told him.

Mantarou just continued sucking. He ran his hands through the fur on the digimon's back and was surprised when a hot liquid jetted inside his mouth. He quickly swallowed mouthful after mouthful, greatly surprised at how it kept coming. He did his best to avoid drowning in the large amount of liquid. He kept sucking after it was gone, surprised the hard on hadn't diminished. He whined slightly since his jaw was starting to hurt. Leormon kept humping for a long moment to torture his partner before slowly pulling his cock out. He did so regretfully but knew the payoff would be worth it.

"Turn over."

Mantarou did, trying to cover up his hard member as he moved, embarrassed.

"On your knees." The human got on his knees doggie style. Leormon purred at seeing the fruit of his work. He looked up and down his lover before kissing his ass. The kiss dragged out, sliding inward, towards Mantarou's hole. As his mouth neared its destination, his toy wriggled and pulled away, but couldn't get far given Leormon's claws digging into his hips.

"Stop," Mantarou begged.

Leormon stopped the tongue treatment.

"Would you prefer I screw you without lubricant?"


Leormon smirked.

"Then let me continue."

"But I don't want you to screw me!" Mantarou said, turning over and sitting down on the bed.

Leormon gave a long lick to the other's privates, a hint of his teeth grazing his trail.

"This says otherwise."

Mantarou blushed, but said nothing as he became even harder.

"Would you prefer Hawkmon screwing you? We can switch and then I get your sister, I'm sure she's an easier screw."

"You stay away from my sister." Mantarou said with all the indignation of a stereotypical overprotective brother. He quickly added: "Like Hawkmon will after I talk to him,"

"Maybe you prefer a horny clawed digimon in your lap?" Leormon asked.

His claws scraped his thighs, climbing into his toy's lap to prove his point.

"I prefer an asexual clawless digimon in my lap," Mantarou muttered.

The digimon kissed Mantarou on the lips.

"Just enjoy it and stop spoiling my fun."

The human kissed back slowly. They separated, he nodded and lay back down. Leormon smiled, knowing he had won and went back to Mantarou's backside.

"Open your legs."

Mantarou paused before obeying, fighting a wave of fear.

Leormon growled, emitting a snarl from deep in his throat. His pet quickly opened his legs and breathed heavily. The digimon purred gently, relishing in his his power.

He placed his mouth directly over the anus and a tongue was thrust forward. The free mouth issued a moan. Leormon never paused in its assault on the virgin anus. Using lots of saliva, he soaked the surrounding tissue before the tongue slid in and out. Step three ("lube the anus") was in progress.

Mantarou was confused at the feelings going through his body. This felt... really good. It just seemed odd and wrong. He shouldn't haven't been enjoying this, but he couldn't stop his physical response. His hard penis was leaking onto his stomach. He grabbed the sheets, trying not to think of what was going to happen next. The scent of sex in the room didn't help his already confused mind.

Leormon thrust his tongue as deep as it would go. He wanted to make sure that Mantarou was as prepared as possible and he used his tongue to push saliva deep in his lover. When the anus was slick with as much liquid as possible. Leormon pulled away and licked Mantarou's ball and and shaft as he moved up to align his hips with his pet's. He kissed the marks he had made earlier as he thrust forward quickly. The human gasped as the member was rammed inside him.

Leormon thrust forward again. The tight sphincter around his cock was better than any masturbation technique he knew. He came again, which made the hole slicker. But he wasn't anywhere near done and kept driving his dick inside. His stomach rubbed and stimulated his partner's cock. The fur against Mantarou's shaft was like fleece. It was better than masturbating, any blow job or sex he had ever had. The hot appendage up his butt felt better than he thought it should.

Leormon kept going harder, pounding against his lover's flesh, and smirked as he felt him hump back. He watched Mantarou's face contort as he got closer to coming again.

"Oh, Leormon," Mantarou said quietly.

He couldn't take much more of this treatment. Leormon shoved in Mantarou's ass as hard as he could, igniting a fire in the human's groin. His breath sped up and suddenly the tension exploded as Mantarou came hard. Leormon saw and felt the tasty cum squished between their bodies. The anus clamped down on the penis inside, making him orgasm as well. He kept going, knowing another was brewing. Mantarou's head rolled to the side from exhaustion. He was surprised his body could still stand anything. He could barely believe that Leormon was still as horny as ever. His hands roamed the digimon's fur, still wanting more, still not satisfied somehow.

"Tarou," Leormon growled, unable to believe his pet was still going.

He had assumed Mantarou would shut down and had made plans to accommodate for that. He didn't think they would be needed now, as he persisted in humping hard. Mantarou spread his legs and tilted his hips, somehow knowing how to make the experience better. The digimon licked Mantarou's chest and kept going. He noticed that Mantarou's penis was slowly becoming hard again. Leormon thrust into Mantarou and growled loudly.

Mantarou's anus began to hurt. He didn't know if he could take much more. His body was tired and weak. His anus wasn't used to such treatment and the lubrication wasn't doing much anymore. Although his penis was hard, he didn't think he could come again anytime soon. Leormon felt his next orgasm coming. He nibbled and bit Mantarou's skin, trying to hold the explosion off. This was most difficult given the amount of pleasure packed in every thrust. He purred softly and exploded once more into his pet. His hard-on still hadn't diminished.

"Stop," Mantarou begged again.

Leormon pulled out. He didn't want it to be over, but accepted it. Mantarou's anus leaked cum onto the sheets. He sighed, knowing he wouldn't be able to sit properly for a few days. His entire body ached as he sat up slightly and reached down to make sure he was still in one piece. Instead, his hand landed on Leormon's hard cock. He didn't ask how this was possible, he simply grabbed the feline and pulled the crotch to his face. He automatically put the penis in his mouth and began to suck, bob his head and fondle the balls. The digimon was completely surprised at his partner's behavior and congratulated himself that it had taken so little time to train him. He purred and gently pawed at Mantarou's head to encourage him. The human noticed and kept going, drooling all over the shaft. He placed his mouth only on the head to tease the lion, like the creature had done to him earlier. He slowly sucked up and down to keep the torture going.

"Tease," Leormon grunted.

After a few more minutes of this treatment, Mantarou went back to taking the shaft into his mouth completely. The balls were kneaded slowly, dragging out the orgasm. Leormon couldn't take much more and began to fuck his mouth. Mantarou kept going, feeling the prick hit the back of his throat. The warm, wet orifice did it's job, dragging out a loud moan and a large load. It wasn't as much as the first time, but still a fair amount. Mantarou gulped the cum down, and the hard-on finally softened. Leormon went to a free spot on the bed and curled up to clean up the cum in his fur. When he was done, he spoke to his lover.

"You are now mine, Tease. You aren't allowed to masturbate without my permission. Or to have sex with anyone but me. You will do as I say. Now go shower."

Mantarou rolled his eyes, but still grabbed his towel and went to the bathroom. He put his hand on his cheek, where he had been marked, and hoped his sister wouldn't ask too many questions. Leormon smirked and curled up on the bed to enjoy a good nap.